Ladies, upon meeting a guy what do you look for and what is most important?

Dear ladies, when you engage another guy (that you know or not) and start to think of him as a potential partner, mate, date what are the first things you look for and what is most important to you? And why?

Example (from most important to least):




Exterior Beauty

Personal hygiene

Sense of humor


Honesty etc etc etc

Most women are different and value things as such but when a female begins the process of projecting themselves with a man their mind immediately goes down the mental checklist and criteria. It is human nature, men do it too but I am interested in gauging the female community here. I think the thing that separates the guys women can see themselves with and ones they cannot is almost always related to what's happening above the shoulders.


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  • Confidence. NOT arrogance. Even an unattractive guy grabs my attention if he's confident. Intelligence, second. Kindness (toward me at least), third. Sense of humor, fourth. (I think personal hygiene should be number 1, but if you only shower every other day, I wouldn't freak. As long as you keep yourself clean.) Exterior beauty is a big factor in getting most people's attention, but it comes in last for me IF (and only if) you show CONFIDENCE. (I repeat, NOT arrogance.) It has been proven that men are more attractive to women when they are very confident. A good article for you is called, "6 Factors That Secretly Influence Who You Have Sex With" on I can't post a link, but go to the site and search that title in the search bar, and it gives quite a few good answers I've found extremely helpful.


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  • I look for someone is down to earth, not judgement, & is a good person. I want someone who is respectful & responsible, and has a good heart.

  • It's different for everyone of course, but personally my list is:
    1. Sense of humor. A guy can be smoking hot, intelligent, rich, sex master but if he can't make me laugh or take a joke I immediately lose interest. A sense of humor never ages so it's definitely the first quality that I look for.
    2. Intelligence. I'm a bookworm, I definitely need someone that can teach me new things and have deep discussions with.
    3. Exterior Beauty. This is the first thing that attracts us to any person to increase the probability of having beautiful offspring. I have to find the person physically beautiful in order for my brain to stay interested.
    4. Kindness/Honesty/Personal Hygeine
    5. Confidence
    6. Status. I care more about potential, someone who only strives to improve and not remain stagnant.

  • I've stopped looking because I know all that matters is how attractive he finds me. Everything else proceeds from there. He'll be nice if he thinks I'm hotter than he usually gets or he'll be a jerk if he can get someone hotter. So personality is really subjective to your value to him.


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