How can I look cute on a cold day?

Tomorrow is going to be a cold day, the temperature somewhere in the 60s. This is unusually cold for where I'm from at this time of the year. How can I look cute at schol on a cold day? If I wear a sweatjacket or sweatshirt, what can I do to my hair/makeup/ accesories? Or what types of clothes look cute but keep you warm?


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  • Wear your hoodie with dark jeans and tuck them into uggs very hot in my opinion ;)


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  • It typically stays in the 60s during our springtime, so I have to get used to dressing for it! :)

    *One idea is a bright colored shirt under a neutral colored long-sleeved cardigan, then a thin-material scarf wrapped once loosely around your neck.

    *Another idea is a knit sweater type material dress with a blue jean jacket and some bold jewelry.

    *If you want to stick with just a sweat jacket/shirt, you can do a sporty hair style by sliding in a headband a little past where you want it, then slide it forwards to bump up your bangs so they aren't slicked back. Hairspray just a tad so no hairs pop out.

    *If you have longer hair, you could try a low side french braid or messy fishtail braid for something different. Maybe try a different color of eyeliner like purple or turquoise to really make your eyes pop. Have fun! :)

    - B


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