PLEASE HELP ME GIRLS: How To Talk To A Cute Girl Customer Who Comes To My Work?

Alright, here's the situation. I just turned 19 and I teach guitar at a music studio. There's this girl who is a student there. She is VERY cute and checks me out. One time I was walking by her and she smiled at me and I smiled back. It was obvious that she was checking me out and I tried to convey the fact that I was interested as well. She looks about 17 but the problem is, I don't know her age for a fact and I feel like it might be inappropriate for me to randomly strike up a conversation with her in front of the other employees, as it may be obvious that I'm hitting on her. Today I saw her waiting in the lobby of the store and I just tried not to look at her because there were other employees around. I don't know what to do!

Yesterday I saw her at a train station in the city, so I'm thinking of saying 'hey, were you at so and so station on Tuesday?' to start off the conversation. What do you think? All advice is appreciated! Thank you!


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  • your playing with fire having eyes for a student, but maybe you could slip her your number "if she has any questions."


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