I can't stare into his eyes. Why do you think this is???

it's something really weird...bc I'm crushing on this guy and he's crushing on me...but whenever he looks at me I can't stare into his eyes not even for 5 sections but he could stare into mine for forever...I've been trying to see why I just can't...people I need your opinions...why do you think this is...thanks


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  • From the others who have asked this question I talked and found out most are worried that if they make eye contact for to long the guy won't like you anymore..

    1. The guy won't see the spark

    2. They don't think there good enough

    3. They think they look ugly.. Which is stupid cause looking away dosnt stop him from looking

    4. Low self worth..

    The problem is that girls don't realize we like you that's why we're looking.. We arnt looking to see the stuff above.. We are looking to see if you like us back..

    So now let me ask you.. If he looked right into your eyes what are you thinking about.?

    Do you like him?

    • You pretty much summed it up!

    • the first thing that goes through my mind is that oh lord he's looking at me...how do I look...yes I do like him lot...so tell me what should I do...should I try to stare into his eyes...you've been a very good help thanks...

    • As to eye contact read my post on this question...


      What you need to realize is if he's looking at you.. Then you look great.. At least to him

      Also keep this in mind.. If he's looking into your eyes.. Then he's not noticing anything else.

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  • hello anonymous user...stay calm! so when he looks at you your like O CRAP and look away. well I think you might be panicky. wait...what was the question


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