Best (most comfortable) workout clothing?

which brand is the beat most comfortable workout clothing you’ve ever tried?

a bout a year ago I tried fabletics and I thought they were pretty good. I also tried gymshark and I did not really like those.

nike and under armor feel not too great for the most part as far as comfort goes.

afidas I’ve never really owned.

So I decided to try out Lululemon leggings few weeks ago and 😱! Wow!
I fee I never want to wear any of my other leggings again!!
but they are soooo darn expensive!!!
they also somehow make me look a lot slimmer!!
and feel so nice!!

the material is amazing and most of them are reversible.

I personally dislike any leggings that are high waisted because contrary to what everything online says that it makes you look thinner, for me it makes me look fatter! I hate it!!

I love super low rise preferably but Lululemon mostly has high waisted :/ which sucks! But the ones I have are right below the belly button and others right at the belly button. Anything higher is awful in any legging in my opinion.

so my question, has anyone ver tried another legging that feels similar to Lululemon? That perhaps is not so expensive?

or simply what is your favorite?
Best (most comfortable) workout clothing?
Best (most comfortable) workout clothing?
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Best (most comfortable) workout clothing?
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