"I bet gay guys love you"

A girl who flirts with me at work and who knows I am not gay said this to me today. In response to how well I dress.

WTF does this mean?


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  • It means you dress well and have a great personality. Having gay guys love you is actually a huge compliment. Especially, if you're straight.

    • I would not take it as a complement... I would be insulted by the 1st degree... (that is insulted enough to have murderous intent... lol)

    • I would take it as an insult if it were not referring to how well someone is dressing. I don't know if you've noticed but gay guys have great style. If it were just a general comment, I wouldn't take it positively either.

    • I am more of a "lumberjack" pertaining to style... LOL

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  • She means you dress well and I am inclined to believe this is a compliment. Being gay is only insulting if you think it is, which it shouldn't be nor do I think she thinks so, nor do I think she is saying you are gay. I think she is just joking with you and finding a funny way to give you a compliment.

  • The stereotype is that gay men are generally very-well dressed with a good sense of fashion. Her saying that gay guys love you would imply that they'd be impressed with how well you dress yourself. Its supposed to be a compliment.

  • "Gay guys would love you."

    As in, you're attractive and you have a great sense of style. Any gay guy would find you just as attractive as a straight girl would.

  • lol it means you dress well/stylish. I would take it as a compliment so long as she doesn't think you are gay

    • Must be a chick thing... I don't get it...

      Would it work the same if I told a woman, "I bet lesbians would love you..."?

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    • Still seems like an insult to me... LOL

    • sentially, it sounds like to me, "I bet some guy wants to screw you up the ass"... Don't sound like a complement... As I said, chick thing...

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  • Dude, tell me about it...

    Just because I SOMETIMES wear white button dress shirts with blue jeans and osterich boots, doesn't mean I am gay...

    You got it better than me... I actually had gay guys ask me out at one point... UGH!

    I have nothing against LGBTg's, but don't include me... I like 1,000% women.

    • Osterich boots? WTF?

      I had a gay guy put his number in my pocket somewhat recently at a straight bar.

    • Jeez... I would have said, "this is yours right? Well, I am not interested, unless you are a femalew in desguise as a man... Be that as it may, you are not, so I am not..." LOL

      But seriously, I was riding my bike once and a guy pulled next to me in a pickup truck hitting on me... I told him, I prefer P*ssy... LOL

      Yeah, there are dress boots made from osterich hide... Not cheap! I bought them 10 years ago and they costed me $900.

  • I'd take that as an insult?

    Reply "I bet the homeless love you"

  • It was a very weird way to compliment you. Bordering on insulting.


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