Can girls be completely repulsed by a guy because of his looks even if he had a good personality?

Say if a guy was extremely ugly all over and was difficult to look at, would you be repulsed by him because of his looks and reject him even though he had a good personality?

Is it true that looks aren't a factor at all?

Or do they matter to some extent?


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  • Can girls be completely repulsed by a guy because of his looks even if he had a good personality?

    Yes girls can be repulsed he may have a good persona,lity but the girl can want looks & personality or the personality he has may be good for him but not to her.

    Is it true that looks aren't a factor at all?

    That's a myth guys promote so they'll all ugly guys can get all hot girls.

    Looks are a factor.

    Girls are less visual than guys not blind.

    Or do they matter to some extent?

    They matter to the extent of the girl.

    She'll either not care about looks & only see personality, care about looks but will compromise if you have the personality she likes, or won't compromise.

    Looks matter just not to the same extent that looks matter to guys.

    Most girls will settle for an unattractive guy with the right personality for them.

    When most guys settle it's for a less attractive girl not an unattractive one.

    • i recommend you take a human sexuality class...because you are way off on your observations. Women are nothing but visual beings...and most certainly not a myth promoted by ugly guys. You my dear...from past conversations are one of the most shallow minded people I have met. I I wish that for one could have any sense of good looks taken from you so that you can experience the world through someone elses eyes.

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    • Guys promote the myth that looks don't matter at all to all girls.

      I've never conversed with you.

      How am I shallow?

      Shallow is only wanting physical.

      I want physical, emotional, and mental attraction & will not compromise to be with some I'm not physically attracted to, emotionally connect with, or mentally compatible with.

      Where's the shallow?

    • Why do you wish bad things on me for having preferences that do not hurt anyone?

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  • I try my hardest to judge on personality but honestly if a guy was hideous I couldn't be with him. I have to be somewhat attracted to him. especially his face. ha ha If I can't imagine kissing him then I can't be with him

  • Yes. Personality isn't some magic potion that will erase all a guy's faults. An ugly guy with a good personality is still ugly.


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  • Yes, they matter. Personality is the keeper (for most), but you won't find a woman that will date someone she finds unattractive (unless she's after something else, like money). That's just how it goes.


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