I'm a pretty old-fashioned guy. good or bad?

i don't believe in sex before marriage, I'm somewhat religious, and try to attend church regularly, while I enjoy being social, and going out, I'm not always keen on modern-day teen parties. I generally stay away.

i do however, shower regularly lol, dress trendy and have a good sense of style, and try to look and smell nice. I'm athletic and musically talented. but at the end of the day, I just have old-fashioned values, and I stand by them.

i really hope I can find a beautiful girl that is the same way and can appreciate me. do I need to adopt more modern values, or somewhat modernize my values in order to have more success with girls (while staying true to my beliefs, because I will never change the core of what I stand for) or is it good that I'm more old-fashioned? thanks! :)


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  • That's great! I'm an old fashion girl! I hope I meet you ; )

    • lol same hypothetically! :D

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  • i think its amazing that your an old fashioned guy because their ain't that many out their anymore so never change for anybody & keep your beliefs because they have to love you for being You & I personally like old fashion guys better

  • old fashioned is awesome ^^ just make sure you have a commited girl, kay?

  • ignore the person below...keep it up :) The world needs more guys like you!

    • that seems to be the most common response from females, but in real life, the results are polar opposite. not many girls have had much interest in talking to me. or if they have at first, in time, they get more distant, whether they start thinking I'm weird, or start to dislike me, or they start shying away, I don't know what really.

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    • tell that to all the cute girls! lol ;)

    • Oh I do...it's pathetic to see how people get broken up because of little misunderstandings or for selfish reasons. That's when people need to sit them down and knock some sense into them! :P

  • You're shallow that's bad.


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  • Honestly, some girls appreciate it whilst others do not. In these times, it's more the latter case, but who cares? You're you, and you have to find a girl who will appreciate that.

    On a side note, however, the good ol' fashioned guy is a dying breed, kind of like that elusive species known as the "Chivalrous Gentleman".


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