What body language do you display when you are sad?

I'm asking because this girl I paid attention to in class looked really sad when I was around her. She would look downward with distant eyes and grab a tuft of hair by her forehead (and look really hot doing that by the way).

From my viewpoint, it doesn't look like boredom or anything like that but who knows? Satisfy my curiosity, do you display signs when you are sad or do you just bottle it up?


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  • Closed off body eg crossing arms, lowered lids and eyes, neutral lips.. hm actually I'd say the whole face, except the eyes, would be neutral, the body might also be hunched over. Basically body is small and the eyes show the sadness.

    That's my body when I'm really depressed. I can leave my problems at home though.

    Boredom would be completely different body language. I don't think there would be much of a mistake between the two.


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