Would guys think I like them if...?

1) First time I meet them I smile sort of big teeth and everything lol and say "Hi" not random strangers but in a social setting

2) They notice I'm looking at them at the corner of my eye

3) I don't even look at them when I'm talking, but I'm turning a little bit red

4) I look down immediately after talking to them for a second, and lower my eye contact (they always give me a confused look)


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  • #1 - Smiles really don't mean much, no guy will think that is anything past being friendly. If they do take it that way, they aren't going to know for sure it means you like them.

    #2 - It depends how you do it. If you've talked to him before, then it might be OK. Yet if you haven't spoken to them before it could come off creepy.

    #3 - This may be a good hint, some might think your completely uncomfortable around them though.

    #4 - Personally I don't care for girls that would do this because it makes them look timid. I also think that it makes sense they would be confused, because most people don't stare at the ground when they are interacting with someone.

    I would say it might be better to just talk to them and be the way that you are. Find your own way to flirt with guys and let them know you like them. Don't just do things because that's the way other girls show guys they like them. Girls are always more interesting when they have their own style and approach. If any of those 4 would show a guy what you are like then by all means do them, but if your not shy I wouldn't do things like look down or not look at them while talking.

    I hope this gives you an idea of what to do! =)

    • thanks for your answer. I liked number 1, I always think their gonna be like why is she smiling at me for no reason, but I will smile more now :D

      and I'm not shy just around guys I like. I need more confidence in that area.

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  • The biggest mistake girls make when they like a guy is breaking eye contact, to look down. Huge mistake. We take as "not interested".

    • agreed...although when they are talking and not making eye contact (but in little bits) I also take it as they are overwhelmed, shy, or are too worried about their appearance to keep the eye contact...it goes both ways I guess

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