Why can girls better judge attractiveness?

Something I'm sure we've all noticed (assuming heterosexual individuals are those in question) is that girls seem to know when other girls are attractive better than guys can tell when other guys are attractive. Most guys (me included) are not clueless when it comes to judging guys attractiveness but honestly I couldn't narrow down most within a 4 or 5 wide range (out of 10). You ask me about some guy I might say 6 when he's a 9 or 9 when he's a 6 and not be able to tell the difference. Girls will usually only be 1 or 2 off with the exception of friends because they are bias.

Girls seem to know almost as well as guys which girls are attractive at times and I've actually argued about girls attractiveness with straight women. I think to myself "wait why do you know/care? Aren't I supposed to be the one attracted to women?" It's as if they can tell significantly better than guys. There also seems to be many more bi-curious women than men.

So the question at hand is why do girls seem to know? Is it because they are more on the bisexual scale of sexual orientation than guys? Is it because girls are easier to judge than men? Hell is it because men are just clueless? what's your opinion


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  • I think I can narrow down attractive guys to anyone famous or in a rock band regardless of looks, you are just looking in the wrong place


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  • Women aren't a better judge than me of what I find attractive. Just like I'm not a better judge than them of what they find attractive.

    • I find them to be WAY off actually.

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    • I interpreted what you said as "women don't judge what I find attractive better than I do and I don't judge what they find attractive better than they do". If I misunderstood I'm sorry

    • No worries. That's what I said, I thought it conveyed the same thought is all.

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