I am unattractive but guys are usually drawn to me but I don't get ask out?

So normally guys don't talk to me. I am in a male dominate major but it is more related to management than engineering. I am pretty much the quiet girl that mind my own business. I am not even attractive. A senior classmate once describe me to another guy friend as "cute and nice personality" and other guys have point that out that I am a "cute Asian".

I actually don't like being called that because I don't like to be judge based on my ethnically. However, even my crappiest dressing day (running shoe, hat, and gym clothes), I get treated as though I "exotic" if that make sense. I notice guys in my classes are more jokingly with the other female classmates who are not Asian. Like some of my classmates are really nice to me but it only in a way that they don't know what to say to me since I am 5th year and I different that them (Macho boys attitude). They SOMETIME talk and joke with me but I never get ask out to hang out.


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  • As they say you should sh*t were you eat. I never ask out girls from my course unless I am sure it would be worth it, I suggest you socialize with people outside your course. Also it is normal that if you are different you don't get treated the same, people are just like that I am brown and am surrounded by very white english people and a lot of them don't treat me the same they would a regular english person and it has little to do with sex really. Just try to adapt, follow what they are into, like for me I started getting into football when I came here and you will find it easier to talk and joke with theses peoples.

    • Thanks I appreciate your advice. It gives me perspective because I definitely feel the different treatment.

    • hmm interesting- how do you notice you get treated? nice beard ;)

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