What do you consider as a beauty in a girl?

I hear a lot that I am stylish, and beautiful,but I don't understand why than I don't get any attention from guys,Like I had a talk with some girls at school and they didn't believe that I hadn't had a boyfriend and that I don't like how I look like. So,I thought that maybe I'm just not a girl that guy likes and that there are a big difference between girls and guys attitude towards beauty.

So,how should a beautiful girl look like?(I would like to hear opinion from both sides: girls and guys as well)

Thank you!


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  • when your said to be pretty/cute, you look good, and mainly your face

    when your said to be hot/sexy, its mainly about your body

    when your said to be beautiful, they like you inside and out

    beauty is having it all, looking great and being great

    (note: about looking great.. average people can look great too and be great.. your insides can make you seem more beautiful)

    • Good answer, but I wanna say that it's the overall ratio of beauty between face and body that gives me the FIRST IMPRESSION/ATTRACTION: pretty/cute or hot/sexy.

      I also agree on the last part, as well.

    • yeah well first impression is different than what people you know tell you..

      it makes a difference if its a stranger telling you you're beautiful/pretty/cute etc.. when its a stranger that's never met you they do give you an overall ratio like you said ( I agree to that)

      my answer was for if it was a person you already know :]

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  • when I know she woke up 5 min ago and she still looks gorgeous


    not putting any effort into her outfit and still looks beautiful

    that's beauty to me


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