What do you find attractive?

I'd love to hear from the gents and the ladies. Describe the 'types' you are attracted to. Include facial features, build, air (e.g. cocky, confident, shy, angry, etc.), and any personality traits you'd like to mention. Please and thank you :)


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  • DARK HAIR. Seriously I have realized that dark hair can really make a difference to me lol.

    umm I don't like guys that are too skinny, I like a bit of muscle and meat on their bones. I'm not really into extreme muscle definition either. I like the lean, toned look. I'm not too picky about body type though, I have a preference but its not a deal breaker.

    Lots of girls I know swoon over nice eyes but they make no difference to me. I think they look cool and that's it lol. Nice smiles are a plus. And I like big hands for some reason lol

    I definitely like outgoing, funny guys. Depending on the guy I don't mind cockiness actually, its refreshing sometimes lol. I'm not really into the guys that play off of the whole shy, nice guy thing. It doesn't mean I like bad boys but confidence is key for me. Also, a guy that shows loyalty is extremely attractive to me. Its probably really self centered of me but I consider myself 100% loyal to people I really care about and if I found a guy like that I'd probably be into him instantly lol


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  • Well its really hard to explain all that...would take up many lines :P ...but I'd just say that if a girls got the personality then,thats like nearly everything...and so I'd love it...and if a girls got more of the looks and stuff...well then,its still good enough for me...

    But if she's got both the personality and looks,then its like heaven :)

  • innocent looking girl-next-door, small and girlie girl.

  • smart,innocent,funny and cute


What Girls Said 2

  • Good question. I love good strong mind-blowing eye-contact. I too pay attention to hands, more so than feet, because men are now hip to the whole "shoe size" cliche, and just as women have stuffed their bras to appear to have larger breasts, well so have men, stuffed their shoes, with thick ass socks to wear bigger shoes, to allude to their penis being big. Anyhow, I love a nice smile, and skin too. I don't care what complexion their skin is, but I do notice their beautiful features. I really like this modest sense of humor. Almost, like a tease: you have to get to know them, before they can make you laugh. It's all foreplay in my mind. So, I like that, I appear to be serious and tough, but I'm really a cornball type of thing. If I wanted a clown, I would have went out and gotten one. A sexy soft voice, regardless of the tone is a total turn on. Remember, "men fall in love between their eyes, and women fall in love between their ears!" Umm, I like a man, who knows how to treat a woman with chivalry and respect, because it shows he has manners, and is also compassionate. I could care less about body type, although I kind of seem to be attracted to, "average joes", who underneath it all, over time, grow on you as sexy as hell! That's pretty much it or me. Hope that helps! Oh yeah and confidence is key!

    Jamaica Outtttttttttttttt

  • muscular buff body

    dark skin

    pretty eyes

    nice smile

    full lips

    big arms





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