Cute guys hollering, am I desperate if I come up to them?

Some hot guys said hi to me at the beach today. they were about 10 feet away from me and I said hi back and kept walking. After that, I thought I might run into them again but I didn't. This is my usual routine. I'm not sure what a guy would think of me if I came up to him after he hollered at me. I wasn't sure if they were just being horn dogs or if they really liked me... I was running with my dog, I looked messy, but I'm a cute girl in general. You know how guys will just say "hey baby!" to any girl when they are with their friends. Would the girl look desperate if she came up to them after that? Should she let the guy come to her? I'm thinking they just said hi because I was half naked and or maybe they liked that I'm a beach girl.. idk... I wasn't close enough for them to see my face.
by "usual routine" I mean I always keep walking. Would that make a guy think I have a boyfriend? I always figured if a guy really liked me he would come up to me, or chase after. But what's so bad about being desperate, I'm single and I want a boyfriend! Either way one of us is going to look desperate (If he chases me after I walk away) What if he was my soul mate! what if!


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  • only if you don't like them and want attention, if you like him then who cares?


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  • Hollar back!

    That's the best thing to do, especially if you think the guy is teasing you. Tease him back.

    But saying "Hi" is not too obnoxious, so yeah it sounds like these guys were just being friendly.

    But 10 feet is still a huge distance to travel. That's like crossing an ocean, and if you do that for a random guy who has done nothing more than say hi, you're putting yourself out a little too much perhaps.

    So instead, what I suggest you do to get the ball rolling, is to stop walking momentarily and just hollar back a question like, "How's it going?"

    That's kind of a bland generic question, but it may suffice if you can't think of anything else on the spot. It's better if you can say something more clever.

    If you can plant a subtle compliment in the question, that's even better, because guys love having their egos stroked. Whatever, the point is that asking them a question forces them to stop and come over and talk to you, which is what you want. If they don't bother to do that, then they either didn't hear you, or they weren't really interested.

    Otherwise, if they say "Hi" and you say "Hi", the expected thing is for you both to keep walking. It's a wasted opportunity. Don't expect them to chase after you (just as you're not expected to chase after them). Most of the time, both guys and girls have too much pride to do that.

    Also, as a guy, I'm always wondering if any girl I meet has a boyfriend. I believe it's safer to assume she does until proven otherwise.

  • No you wouldn't look desperate. Walking up and talking to the guy just shows that you are interested. Saying hi back is polite but won't exactly show that you like him.

    When girls continually do this over some time it will appear desperate but walking up once to a guy does not appear desperate and if the guy likes you he will definitely appreciate this because this is what guys want girls to do but guys are often willing to do it themselves because girls usually wont.

    • Guys do that either because they're drunk idiots or uncreative idiots. The drunk idiots are blatantly obvious and the uncreative idiots is the group walking along the shore with nervous smirks on their faces hollering or smiling at girls walking by. These ones are usually genuine its just they're not very creative in how they approach women or get attention. If you talk to them and they act interested its very likely genuine but if not genuine they will just move on continuing to act like idiots

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