How did you quit drinking?

Hey guys, hows it going? By no means am I an alcoholic, but recently I got a speeding ticket with an open container of booze in my car. That on top of my recent weight loss, I really think its time to turn this page in my life. ( WAS NOT DRINKING BOOZE IN CAR. my trunk was busted and couldn't open it.) How did you do it?


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  • I somehow had it stuck in my mind that if someone had to ask for advice on how to quit drinking, this was probably somehow linked as a syptom of their alcoholism, but I'm apparently confused. At any rate, being as you're not an alcoholic, just don't drink except on special occasions, and then only in moderation. ; - )

    • I mean I really have been drunk maybe 5 or 6 times this whole year so far. Its not like I drink alot, its just a whole in my wallet, and when I do Drink bad stuff always happens. I just naturally am not a drinker.

    • Well, if you're not an alcoholic just don't drink, and if you are join a support club.

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  • My boyfriend loved to drink. He met me ... I told him I don't like it ... and he stopped :)

    • :) Awesome. It might help me with girls?

    • Find a girl that has a good head on her shoulders and she will help you through it all !

      BUT if you look for her at a party or a bar ... not likely she'll be any help lol

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  • Dont buy alcohol, stay away from places where people are drinking it. Put yourself in situations you know you cannot drink under any circumstances.

    • Maybe designated driver? I mean I love going out, don't really want it to put a plug in my social life, ya know?

  • I got drunk enough to puke for the first time. Since then every time I see alcohol I just want to puke.


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