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I saw my ex yesterday, we walked past each other and haven't seen each other in five months. When we crossed paths he kept starring at me, I finally looked over at him and he looked down at the ground, then quickly right back up at me and then back down ... he did this a few times before I walked into the building I was going to!

Anybody know why he would have been doing this instead of just ignoring me completely ... seeing as he was the one that did the dumped me over a year ago.


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  • hey, I don't mean to burst your bubble but I wouldn't look too much into it. last week I was sitting down with some friends at uni when I saw my ex walk past out of the corner of my eye with her friends (she dumped me, haven't really talked to her in about 4 months) she didn't know I saw her, because I didn't blatently look but I saw her turn away from her friends and stare at me as she was walking off and around the corner, anyways nothing happenend after that. I think it's just curiousity to be honest, like if I saw someone I knew but hadn't seen them in a while I would stare at them, being your ex it doesn't necessarily mean they want to get back together


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  • aww well you can cry on my shoulder. I am still hoping he emails you back. I bet you he has not checked his email yet. I am gonna befriend you now ok

  • He clearly wants you back. If he did not want you back he would of left your presence quickly and given no stare.

    • What I don't get is he has had plenty of opportunities to contact me ... but he has chosen not too.

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    • any news from him yet?

    • Ha No ... and I'm being to believe there won't be!

  • Hi thumb. Did he ever reply back?


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