Which guy should I pick? Dating both right now...

1. Extremely smart, born into a wealthy family, great job, rich, nice car, world traveler and likes the city like me, cares a lot about me, funny, sort of self centered, doesn't understand my background, bores me, talks too much about himself, not attracted to him, he's not aggressive and a different religion, never felt butterflies with him

2. Didn't go to a good school, ghetto friends, not very rich, really good looking and very attracted to him, cares a lot about making me happy and protective, very funny and sexy, hasn't traveled and likes the suburbs, doesn't like fancy outings, feel butterflies when with him
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  • You have to decide whether you want a a partner with that's like you with common areas of interest or a complementary partner who's your opposite.

    If you pick guy 1 there's a 75% rate that states you'll divorce him and take his money and go for guy 2 even though you have things in common that you like with guy 1. This guy would make a great long term partner.

    If you pick guy 2 the butterflies will wear off and then what? You didn't say you and anythings in common that the two of you liked. This guy would make a great short term partner, and I really think you need to consider what happens after the butter flies phase.

    I think you need to think this through more carefully and weigh the ups and downs of each guy against what you want long term or it's not gonna last.

    • They both have similar interests to me, but different ones. I have strong feelings for guy 2 but none really for guy 1. Butterflies wear off, but you need some passion/interest to keep you going, which guy 1 doesn't give me any. So you think I should pick guy 1? Even if I have no passionate feelings for him, more like a friend. I have thought of it for a while and I need help!

    • I think it will come down to which interests you think will keep the two of you together in the long term.

      Also something that came to mind, have you asked these guys for their opinions and feelings on you and relationships? Because what you want is only half the equation, and what they want is another. If you don't get them to voice it then you might find that eventually the two of you are incompatible in important issues.

      Say for example one wants you to work the other wants you at home.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Dating two guys at once? Boo, that's lame. Or well maybe if you mean just dating like going out, trying to get to know them both and not relationship dating yet, which I guess you do, so whatever :P

    As for my opinion, I'd say go with 2 if you feel something for him. It shouldn't matter if they are rich or poor or their car -_- kinda shallow if you care about that sh*t.

    • I agree with you, no relationships here, just met the two online and been on some dates, etc. Trying them on for size and so far this is what I know/feel for them. Guy 2 sounds great, but I really don't think he could provide for me and his family with his job :( That's important to me, I don't have to have expensive things, but I want some security and he doesn't seem to have big dreams in his career...

    • provide for yourself. Get your own job.

What Girls Said 3

  • The first guy is selfish and boring and you're not attracted to him, and you actually need to ask this question?

    • I don't mean to be rude about it, I just don't understand why you're contemplating dating someone who you would say those things about.

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    • Okay. Well, I guess it just depends on what you want. But I think if you feel like you need to change someone in order to feel properly attracted to them, that's a good indicator that they aren't the right person for you.

    • You're so right and I've just been ignoring that fact to try and make it work! I guess it's time to give that up... Thanks for your help.

  • Lol so basically your question is should you date for money or love? Girls like you don't really deserve to date anyone...

  • Guy number 2, maybe number 1 is more convinient but boring people... are boring people, and you probably are going to have more fun with guy number 2


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