0 body size?

The reason I use the zeros is to show body sizes. The 0 is thin (think models), the 00000 is huge (think Precious (sorry, loved the movie, but she IS obese)), and the 00 and 000's are slightly bigger (think Jordan Sparks at the beginning of Idol for the 00 and +10 lbs for 000). It seems that thin girls are actively chased by the male population and morbidly obese girls are appreciated just as much. But the slightly bigger girls (the ones with figures but a lil' chub) are made to feel like cows and usually not checked out (at least not in high school).

I am aware that it sounds like I talking about me, myself, and I, but I've noticed this in a lot of the females (and males) around me, so it has made me curious.

Oh and I'm not complaining about the thin girls being at the top of the pecking order. I am well aware that health is attractive.


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  • You sound really insecure. Life's too short to be worrying about weight, especially when in my personal experience- the people most likely to be in the healthiest relationships are those who are comfortable with themselves (irrespective of how fat or thin they are.)

    I don't even understand the point of your question. It's completely arbitrary how someone judges another person's weight.

    Also why even imply that thin girls are unhealthy? I don't like being combative, but the tone of your post -which reduces the wide and beautiful variety of women's body types to a couple of zeros- comes across as patronizing to women of all sizes.


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  • > morbidly obese girls are appreciated just as much

    No they're not?

    • BBW's? Weird feeding fetishes? Stereotypes of black men liking biiiiig girls are sometimes true. Pleasantly plump? More to love? More cushion for the pushin'? Any of this ring some bells?

    • That those phrases are relatively well known hardly means attraction to girls like Precious is common. I wouldn't know about those stereotypes but even if black men, on average, like women who are slightly heavier, it seems unlikely this automatically means they think extremely obese women are attractive.

  • I typically go after the thinner girls, but that's because I'm pretty thin. I would prefer to date someone who's of a similar build as me, but I never discount other girls. Sometimes a thicker girl can be even more sexy. Depends on the girl. I also think there's a perception that a guy should be bigger than the girl too. I've heard both guys and girls say that it's weird when there's a couple and the girl is bigger than the guy.


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  • Well if they're obese they shouldn't whine about their life because they were the ones who didn't choose a healthy lifestyle?


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