He's a real looker....

How much do you weigh looks in when you consider dating them? How important are they to you? If you weren't attracted to a person at all but you guys had fun together, would you consider dating them?


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  • i feel that you have to be attracted physically to the person your dating. and the way people meet is usually based on that initial physical attratction. (I know this is going to be harsh, but its true) if you can't stand the sight of the person, that chances of having a sucsessful relationship are pretty slim.


What Girls Said 1

  • Looks are important, but every one has different preferences.

    For example, nobody likes the guy I like, they say he's ugly and he has gross long curly hair. But, I think he's sexy, and I wanna touch his hair, and put hair cream in it. hah.

    looks aren't that important, but at the same time, you need to be physically attracted to the person you're dating. I would think I would at least need to think someone is cute in some way for me to wanna date him. If I wasn't attracted to some one at all, but we were good friends, I think I would give him a chance, maybe I would become attracted to him. Heck, half the guys I think are cute now, I didn't think were cute 2 months ago.

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