Why did this girl close her eyes?

So last week, a friend of mine posted a pic of his female friend on Facebook. I thought she was cute, and sent him a message saying exactly that. He suggested I send her a friend request, so I did and she accepted. (I didn't know this at the time, but she was sitting right with him and when he asked her what she though of me she said "well he's not ugly"). She and I exchanged a few messages and we all decided to meet at a bar on Saturday night. When I got there, I shook her hand and I introduced myself. Apparently she was hanging out with other friends, so she didn't sit with us and I assumed she wasn't interested in me. No big deal, I was hanging out with my buddy and his girlfriend anyway. But at the end of the night she came by to say good bye. She hugged my buddy and his girl, and it looked like she was about to hug me, but I held out my hand to shake hers, so she shook my hand, but as she did so she closed her eyes and tilted her head back so as not to make eye contact with me. I thought it was weird, my friend's girlfriend thought it was rude, and my friend thinks it is because she is attracted to me. I don't really care either way since I don't know her well enough to have an emotional investment in her, but I AM curious as to what that meant. Any ideas?


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  • well if you don't care about her 100% then you wouldn't be so curious.. I have no clue why she closed her eyes.. she could have had something in her eye or felt a bit dizzy or she's too shy to look you in the face.. anyways there are a million of possibilities, I ain't gonna list them all.. just forget it :]

    • well obviously I care a little... I really wouldn't have given it a second thought though if my friend and his Girlfriend hadn't made such a big deal about it. I mean I could never see this girl again and be fine, but If its a sign of attraction I think I might pursue her a little.

    • well in the end its your choice whether pursue or not..

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  • Was she drinking? lol

    Maybe she did think you were attractive and was upset with herself for not talking to you more.

  • i have no idea. I think she is crazy...

  • Maybe something was shining in her eyes? I don't see how this would be a sign of anything?

    • me either, but since my friend and his girl made a big deal, I am wondering if there was some meaning in it that I didn't see. I mean how is it rude? how is it a sign of attraction? are my friends just high? ;P

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