Why do I always have my guard up?

It's only with guys though, with girls I can be completely myself. I like to think I don't have my guard up, but when it comes down to it, like when a guy asks me to hang out with him, I get nervous. Like last night, the guy I'm sorta crushing on calls me beautiful and asks to hang out with him Friday night and I automatically think he's only saying that Because he wants something. After I texted him back, he texts me again wanting me to send him a pic. I never asked if it was a sexual one he wanted or just a pic of me right now, either way I told him no Because I look a mess and he said alright. The thing is I don't have much self confidence when it comes to guys because I honestly don't think I'm that great, or pretty, and whatnot. I don't have the best body, and that's the main thing I get worried about when I start talking to guys. Does anyone else feel like this and how can I get over it?


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  • It's completely normal. The media feeds us so many images of perfect bodies, relationships, and families, that we forget that most people out there don't have those things. We are normal, everyday people. More guys than you know are just looking for a woman they can talk to, relate with, and enjoy. This becomes more the case as we get older. I'd choose a woman that can make me laugh over someone with the perfect body any day. That being said, how can you get over it? Other people can only see as much as you let them, if you feel doubtful you will exude self-doubt, and people will pick up on it. Once you feel comfortable in your own skin that's when the pieces will all fall into place. You can do that in a lot of ways: going to the gym, putting on makeup just because, going for a nice walk after dinner, doing more things that make you smile, etc. Be you, and the right person will come sooner than you think.


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