Girls, tips on dying dark brown hair dirty blonde?

Have any of you dyed your brown/dark brown hair dirty blonde? I need some tips. I currently have a chocolate brown hair dye in my hair right now to lighten it up, but I want to dye it dirty blond later in the summer. I heard you might have to buy 2-3 kits to get the color you want which is fine. But before I do so, I need some tips from people who have done it before :)


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  • It will be more difficult since you already have dye in your hair, dirty blond is pretty hard to get anyways since you need a variation of colours (browns and blondes). Why not stick with your natural colour? dying harms your hair.


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  • you'll have to bleach your hair first to get it lighter. I don't know about home made kits though, since I got my hair lighter at the salon

  • I would go to a salon


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