How long should I wait to get my hair dyed (two tones)?

Well firstly, I got my "hi - lites" last weekend but it wasnt the color I wanted.

So, now my hair is like 35% damaged.

I'm getting my ends clipped and a perm/relaxer most likely


The person who's doing my hair says I should wait probably another week or two after I get my hair permed/relaxed to get

my hair dyed (two tones) .

How long should I wait exactly?

I know the dangers of my hair falling out.


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  • What race are you ? If your hair is curse ( which it prob. Is if you get it relaxed. You should go about a month before doing it if your hair is aledy having probs. You gotta be careful or it will fall out or burn off.

    • Im mixed with black and italian.

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    • Ahaha most of it did. I got the hi lites but my daddy didn't get the right kind. My hair turned out to be blue, purple, pink, red, and green. Then I washed it and it turned purple, then again and it turned blue, then again and it turned pink then again and it turned a light brown color (a little lighter than my original hair color) then an even lighter brown (as if it couldn't get any browner) and finally blonde. Lol =D And I got my perm/relaxer last week. Its acceptable. My hair didn't fall out.

    • Oh yes, and it also turned orange before the brown. But ANYWAYS, I'm going to dye it black and gold. Lets pray it doesn't fall out this time either. :D

  • well its best to wait for like 2 months because you don't want ur hair to be fried completely and put natral oils in ur hair it helps with dryness.