Why isn't he asking me out?!

I met this guy at a trip a while ago, in fact he was the tour guide. He was really nice to everyone but he only asked me things like where I'm from and what I study. I felt this connection between us straight away. Anyway, nothing happened but I met him again on another trip! He was the guide again and he remembered my name, where I'm from and what shoes I was wearing! After the trip he gave out his business card to add him on fb and get the pictures. I decided to call him and use the pictures as an excuse and when he asked who he was talking to, I said my name and he remembered me. Also he said "it sounded like you".

I texted him a week after and asked when he's planning to ask me out. And he replied by asking the the same question back. It has continued like this and I even sent another text saying I like him and he said it back. Why is he keep insisting on me asking him? Is it really a big deal?!


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  • I think he was just being nice. If he was really interested he probably would have been flattered and immediately said yes. There's a chance he might just be playing games with you because he likes you however like I said he's not really showing a whole lot of interest. Sorry :(

    • Actually he probably does like you. He might just not have the nerve to ask you out. You should probably just take the initiative and ask him out. He would probably say yes and don't worry about acting desperate.

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  • Why don't YOU ask the guy for a change?

    • But won't I look desperate now? I'm the one who always starts texting and I don't want to force him to go out with me.. I don't understand, if he wasn't interested why bother replying in the first place. He asked one time what my plans are for the weekend but that's it.

    • Seriously? Just ask him out. I don't think you'll look desperate. In case you hadn't notices. Times have changed. Girls CAN ask guys out now. There was a committee involved I think. (OK there wasn't really a committee, but the rest is true) Considering the flirtation, I don't think he's just being nice. If you want to get him, just ask him out. The desperation doesn't apply because he's clearly setting it up so that you DO ask him. So ask him! Otherwise stop complaining to strangers on the net.

    • No you won't look desperate. Just do it already, a guy doesn't look desperate if he asks a girl out, so for a change you ask him out.

  • Well I don't know... You tell US? IS it such a big deal? If the answer is no, then why don't YOU ask HIM already and just get it over with? What the hell does it even matter? Why bother us with this trivial nonsense?

    • I just want to know if he really wants to go out with me or if he's just being nice to me. For me it doesn't matter but I'm a bit unsure if he was just being friendly in the first place. Because if I didn't like the person why bother replying in the first place.

    • Well then ask him out. If he says yes, then he likes you. Case closed.

    • Yeah I can't say I disagree with this guy.

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  • What end up going on?


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