Which eye color is the best for me?

Well look at my pics, I have hazel eyes, but if I ever need contacts I can always get colored ones ;). So ya I have white skin (which I am going to have more tan than in these pale pictures) and black hair (which by the way do you think I should dye brown? What do you people think? :)


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  • I like you the way you are now :P

    But go ahead and dye it if you want, if anything you can shave it off and restart! lol


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  • The same color that your eyebrows are, usually that's what most people can pull off themselves


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  • dont alter yourself...its just retarded, why not be how you were made to be...seriously tho

    dying your hair too ...YOURE A DUDE!

    why are you dying your hair? why are you looking for colored contact lenses...you sound like an insecure girl

    no offence man, but be yourself, this is just gay

    • The only one who sounds insecure you, brah. Hair-dye does not make you find the opposite gender attractive, no matter who tells you.

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    • no you aren't limiting yourself themastaplan is :) And I'm not telling anyone to act like their gender. I think you think me and him are the same person ;)

    • how can I sound insecure when I'm telling him to not alter himself...? I don't agree with ANYONE altering who they are as a human being...by NOT altering yourself you are secure...by altering yourself you are not...not in all cases, but if you're saying I'm insecure compared to him, you're completely wrong lol

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