What's the deal with piercings and tattoos?

Well it seems that tattoos and piercings always been in fashion. What are some tattoos you have why you get it..and with piercings why where what kind piercing is it.an if you were to get a other tattoo what will it b? This a survey for school so please be real and don't put stupid sh*t like I have strawberry tattoo on my ass cheek lmao
Oh I also forgot mentioned guys what are some tattoos you like on girl and girls what you think the kind tattoos guys be getting
Also where and why well yea that's about it and thank you for anyone helps me with this assignment for school
@ least 8 people respond 4 guys and 4 girls


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  • Oi, having a strawberry tattooed on your arse isn't stupid. One of my friends has it. Anyway, I have a snakebite in my lip, my right eyebrow pierced, my tongue pierced, I used to have a snug and industrial piercing in my left ear but they're not in there anymore and I also have both lobes pierced and a helix piercing in my left ear. I got them all done when I was fifteen on the same day.

    I also have a small tattoo of Freddo Frog playing cricket on my thigh above my left knee, I have Celtic runes spelling strength on the back of my neck and a Polynesian tribal design on my shoulders and upper back that dip down to the mid of my back. I got them because they are symbolic to me personally. While others may find having a frog that stars on the front of a chocolate brand playing cricket stupid, it’s symbolic to me and means something personal. And I have piercings because I want them.


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  • my first tattoo was wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.


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  • Tattoos: I have two. A punctured heart on my hip and a musical score across my right shoulder (with my sisters names and a quote). I got the first when I was pretty young and it's unfinished. The second in a few sittings and I love it, it covers my love of music, literature and family. I love art, so tattoos are a great way to express myself. Though I do make a conscious effort to put them in coverable places so they don't interfere with my career or age.

    Will I get more? Most likely, yes. I have a few ideas but first I need to get my hip one completed.

    Piercings: I have two on each ear, my tongue and my navel. I have had more but taken them out. Why did I get them? Boredom, mostly. They are a cool non-permanent change for myself.

    • Your's sound f***ing awesome. And I was thinking of getting a treble cleff or my arse or something.

    • DO IT! :) I won't, it puts too much pressure on me to keep my ass in shape. :)

  • I have had pierced ears and then streched them to about a "00" and also second lobe piercing above those (not streched). They have all been taken out and are closed up now. I am considering streching my ears again, but I'm worried it will limit job choices. The only tattoo I'd like to have is actually a large piece, it would be an tribal looking seagul on my rib cage/waist, representing freedom and be happy on your own, I thought of it one day when I was alone at the beach, there was a seagul there alone too, right then I decided that its OK to be alone, I like the saying, "be your own best friend"

  • I'm too chicken to get any piercings besides my ears :/

    I did get those pierced twice, though, simply 'cause I liked the idea of wearing two sets of earrings at once.

    I'm not quite old enough to go get my first tattoo yet, but I do have two in mind, thus far. One is really difficult to explain, so I won't even try. The first one that I'll get is an 'artist's signature' on my shoulder, reading 'God .94', basically saying that I am a masterpiece, whether I like it or not. The only reason I'm not chicken when it comes to tattoos as much as piercings is 'cause they'll be significant to me, meaningful. I love the look of multiple piercings and tattoos on both genders, the placement depending on the look of the person.


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