How to really flatter a girl?

I want to know how one could flatter a girl.What are some ways to flatter a girl? what are the things that you can say or do?


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  • Tell her she's beautiful, pick out the qualitites which stick out and make her look and seem unique. For instance, her eye's. And don't just simply state the obvious, then she will think you just saying that. So, think beyond the box...

    • she has got nice hairs? would that work too? she is kind of girl who is addicted to shopping and very concious of her looks. so any ideas?!

    • Don't just say "she's got nice hair," say something like your hair looks so beautiful when the wind blows it or if her hair goes onto her face then move it and then say something. Don't make the mistake about just asking about the hair, like how is it so soft and go into dept about shampoo she uses.

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  • Well first of all, are you good looking?

    Secondly, if yes then you can pretty much say any nice thing to or about her and she will like it.

    • i m very good looking (though I m not really proud of it). what nice things ? any example! pls! Id highly appreciate

    • Why would you not be proud of being good looking? lol. Well if you have a great smile, flash a big sweet smile to the girl your are interested in, look into her eyes, say hi, and just say "you look nice today." If she doesn't look nice that day she will be even more flattered because you still thought she looked nice even when she didn't think it herself perhaps :P, if she does look nice you're still good lol.

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  • Pick something you can tell she put a lot of effort into, i.e is her hair very neat and tidy, can you tell she put time and effort into making it look good? If you can, complement her on it. She'll appreciate that someone noticed and acknowledged the time she put into it.

    • got that! thanks dude!

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