Perfume, should guys wear it too?

I personally buy
Mens Deodorant
Roll on Anti-perspirent
Cologne for guys but it is often for special occasions
I also do buy some Perfumes that are from the female section because they smell nice and I do wear them.

I mean, guys like the smell of perfume and girls like it, it is a nice product.

What do guys wear? Our deodorant has no actual specific scent, just a brand and stupid names like LYNX AFRICA, or Lynx Excite but get this...
Perfume, should guys wear it too?

My point is that guys deodorants and colognes smell either like pure chemicals or like something that is just not pleasant at all even if it smells like the real ingredient like Sandalwood, why would I want to smell like a piece of wood?

While on the other hand, girls stuff smells sweet and much more like real ingredients that you want to actually smell of, why the heck are guys having to wear such a scent?
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Perfume, should guys wear it too?
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