What goes through a guy's mind when a beautiful girl makes eye contact?

... A beautiful girl makes eye contact and smiles at him as she passes him on the street?
Just for the heck of it. Let's say it's a girl you know of, but have never officially met before.


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  • It's like being hit in the stomach (in a good way, if there's such a thing) Especially when unexpected and it makes you feel worthy - at least on a physical level (always a start). Personally to be honest, I usually blow such chances. I'll usually just smile back, blush a bit and act all awkward but walk away feeling good, but frustrated at my own reactions and tallying up another missed opportunity. It's a two way thing with me...of course I love it, but again it's like a kissing thin air. just a mirage. but at least a reminder that you possibilities are still open, providing you learn to take hold of them.

    Hope that gives you one particular insight!

    • this is cute, haha, thanks! :) This is a great answer.

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  • "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    I have a second where I'm a dribbling idiot and then I snap out of it. Doesn't matter how old I get or how much experience I have, my brain turns off for a second when I see a gorgeous girl in person.

    • this gave me a good laugh. thanks :) that could explain the deer in the headlights look that happens sometimes.

  • hhmm tough question. I'll refer this question to myself.

    I would first think is she smiling at me or the other guy behind me or the lamp post with the new Gucci bag advertisement.

    After cross checking all the non of the above and I'm finally sure it was for me, I would think.

    "Way to go Ketfoen, you still got it, you sly dog you" and walk with a big smile on my face until I get another glance like that to make that smile even bigger ;)

  • I smile back cos' it's polite and a girl smiling at me is nice so I reciprocate (unless it's a girl who I actually know and really like I mean then I want to more but sometimes I'm too nervous in the moment and screw it up).

    The thought train is sorta' like "huh... what? Why did she just smile at me?"

    • Let's say it is a girl you know of, but have never officially met. What do you think you'd do in the moment?

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    • So you think if you had a big crush, you might freeze up?

    • Yeah. It's not such a simple reaction when it's somebody I have a huge crush on...

  • smile back. hold the gaze until she looks away. if she looks away then looks back... then its on.

  • It is generally thought to be a sign of interest.

    I don't think it's always true but it means that at least we have your attention :)

    That's why we mostly approach you when this happens.

    • Oh dear... what is a girl to do if the guy doesn't do anything but stare?!

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    • could be you are too atractive for your own good :)

      He is most likely intimidated...

    • Everyone has a brain freeze on a crush.

      say uh...can you help me with my question?

      and sry for the multi post I'm on my cell phone.

  • First wonder why she is looking, is it something on my clothes.

    Then I figure it out, must be a good looking guy walking behind me that she is looking at.

    And naturally a guy walks past me in the same direction.

    And then were back to walking without thinking.

  • Depends on the type of smile and the rest of the body language, but generally it's she thinks I'm cute/hot. Don't really pay it much attention because it happens so often. I always smile/smirk back at the least.

    • What was the thumbs down an attempt to tread on my ego? =)

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  • he's probably be flattered


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