When you look for a partner?

What's the one thing you would settle (or overlook) for and what's one thing you would NOT settle for?

It can be anything, anything at all. Looks, personality, background etc. You name it!


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What Girls Said 1

  • The one thing I can't overlook is if he is trustworthy. That doesn't need any explaining. LOL

    One thing I need is physical attraction. Yeah, yeah I know some people will call me superficial but without it all we have is friendship. This does not mean he has to be a 10 or anything and I don't care if others think they are good looking or not, it just means I have to find him attractive. Some of my exes were surprised and delighted that I found them attractive because they did not think they were.


What Guys Said 1

  • i usually look past a girl having a perfect body sometimes because while most guys are drooling over butts and boobs I try to get for everything but personality really matters to me because if she doesn't have a good one then ill get bored and one thing that I wouldn't be able to stand is a girl with a bad past because I like clean girls who haven't been around and used by every guy and also a small one that I usually drop girls for is attitude so if you ever get a girl with one just run and don't look back


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