Is it weird to remove the hair on your arms?

I'm a 23 year old female. I have been removing the hair off of my arms with aloe Vera infused Nair hair remover for the past year. Women at work laugh and say it's weird when they get close and sew I have no hair on my arms, however I feel like I look gross with it.

I'm hispanic but not SUPER. my mom is pretty much as white as white gets. She has TRACES of native American but it's very little. (We've all taken ancesty DNA tests).
My father has all kinds of stuff, Spanish, Mexican, native American, small percentage or African American, and a few other things.

Personally my results shared more DNA with my Spanish/Native roots however my white percentage was high as well. What this means?

I look like a white girl that has VERY THICK and VERY dark hair. And A LOT of it. everywhere. Now I LOVE my head hair. Beautiful, frustrating to cut and style, but beautiful. Howevet it's hard to maintain on my body.

The women who make fun are all the blonde hair blue eyes girls who have very little body hair, nd what they do have is too light to even see. One girl even said she can't even tell she has leg hair until like 3 or 4 days after she last shaved. Me? If I don't shave them every single day you can SEE IT not to mention how horrible it feels. I have to Nair my face at least once a month, as well as wax my eyebrows just to clean them up.

My arm hair luckily doesn't grow as fast as mY leg hair but when it does it's. Extremely dark and there's a lot of it. However against my light complexion it sticks out and looks like I have gorilla arms.

I just feel better when I don't see it and don't feel like a man. But It also kinda hurts my feelings when I get laughed at for not having it.

Is it weird to Nair my arms?
Is it weird to remove the hair on your arms?
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