Guys: How do like girls' hair?

Mine is hot brown, slightly wavy but I straighten it almost everyday, it looks better that way I guess (:

Do think mine is attractive?

What's your favorite style/type? Straight, wavy, brown, black, blonde...


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  • I love natural (so incredibly important) blond hair. It has to be thick. Hopefully the love of my life doesn't have thin hair, because I really do not like thin hair. In love thick, soft hair. Quite long, and kind of has a natural beauty to it, the way it sits the way it flows. But more importantly than anything, no dyed blond hair. Horrible.

    I also love jet black hair on a very light skinned girl. Not pale skin that's too much, just very light skin. Jet black hair with blue eyes and peachy skin I find very hot.

    I also love red hair. I think Julianne Moore has beautiful hair. Also Emma Stone. Again red hair has to go with blue eyes for me. Unlike with all other hair colours, I prefer red heads to NOT be natural red heads (like Emma Stone). Why? Because in my opinion red heads have bad skin (mainly too many freckles - see Julianne Moore's shoulders and arms un-air brushed and no make-up).

    Brunette is very sexy again, as long as with light skin. This is the only hair colour that I actually prefer to be with brown eyes instead of blue eyes.

    Most important things are that the hair is thick and that the hair is not dyed, unless red.

    • Oh yeah and I don't like dirty blond hair, gold hair, ginger (not the same as red), or like light brown. It has to be brunette if it's gonna' be brown.

    • Strawberry blond is okay? (like not red and not blond, changing in light and in summer/winter?)

    • Well it's okay but it's not the kind of hair I love. The only hair colours I really love are blond, black, brunette and red.

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  • dark and long... straight's better than wavy, and wavy's better than curly, but honestly I don't care as much about the styling of the hair as long as it's long and dark

  • I like light brown (:


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  • What's hot brown?

    • It's a medium dark brown that kinda haves reddish highlights in the sun, a warm brown :)

  • they like it shiny and pretty. they're quite visual creatures


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