Guys, What do you mean when you call a girl cute?

I needed time to get ready before class and I said, "I look like garbage." When I got to school he said I didn't look like garbage. I said thanks. Then he said, its my way of telling you that you're cute.



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  • he may possibly have small feelings for you or is just being nice and thinks your cute because when I tell a girl she's cute but don't flirt with her then I'm just letting her know out of friends but if I do that and keep going then I'm trying to show hey I'm interested are you? so react on it either by brushing it off and saying thank you or start talking

  • When I say cute it usually either means I like her face or it's a comment on the whole package (face, body, clothes, even mood and personality). One ex I'm thinking of was cute and it had a lot to do with the fact that she was short and had petite features. Cute applied to the whole package but she had a cute face too, so it applies in both ways. He could think totally differently than I do though.

    • Hah. I myself have similar features to your ex. I'm just a little bamboozled because he's had so many opportunities to say something similar to what he said.

    • The fact that he waited until you needed to hear it means he's a thoughtful guy.

    • A girl needs compliments all the time. Lol

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