Does my boyfriend's ex girlfriend's looks reflect upon me and my appearance?

all of the women my boyfriend has been with are not attractive, the most attractive one was super mean and a cheater, one was overly obsessive and fake and very unattractive, one was average looking and very bitchy, and the last COULD have been attractive but she was unhygienic (did not care for herself/bathe, the reason he dumped her). My boyfriend is VERY good looking and constantly gets hit on by women at work, when were out, etc. Even gets hit on by men sometimes. He used to be overweight before I met him, 60 pounds more than what he is now. He didn't know how to do his hair really or didn't know what looked nice clothing wise, he was very insecure. we'll he has since lost weight, does his hair nicely, wears nice clothing...he's a total cutie (I wish I could see how he use to look but all his photos burned in a house fire). Now what I have been wondering is, does how his exes look reflect on my appearance? I take good care of myself and try to look nice at all times but I still do have low self esteem and am OVERLY critical with myself. I have brought this up with him before asking since you use to date only unattractive women does that mean I'm ugly? he told me no and not to ever say that again. if I'm not ugly why would he have only dated ugly women before? everyone is going to say THEY WERE NICE! but I already said most of them weren't so...idk. am I worrying about nothing?


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  • You are worrying about nothing, at the time his exes were beautiful to him. they say looks don't count but to men they really do, so pretty then but after whatever they don't to him of course he going to say they are ''ugly now'' how you look should matter to no on ebut yourself, hygeine is obviously a big thing so if you keep clean and happy then who cares really? He says your beautiful so accept it and move on be happy stop worrying..


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