Should I stay friends with her or not?

So I have known this girl since sophomore year of high school and we became best friends until the winter of 2010 when she got mad at me for refusing to be her and a mutual friends' DD Because our mutual friend was turning 21. I had plans with another friend to go out to watch a hockey game so I couldn't exactly cancel. So after I did that she didn't talk to me for four months until out of the blue in April when she came into where I worked and apologized for pushing me away. She temporarily dropped out of school and moved back home for now and has been diagnosed with depression and is getting help. I forgave her and I know things still aren't the same, like we don't text all the time like we used to and stuff. Well about a week ago we went out to go shopping for a bit and she told me that she is into cross dressing because it makes her feel that she has control over something in her life or something like that. But I don't feel comfortable with her cross dressing when we go out somewhere and I tried telling her that but I think she's mad at me. We've texted maybe once since we went out and that's it. I mean I want to support my friend but this is just too different for me to deal with...I wanted a friend who was a friend as a GIRL not a kinda guy. So I don't know should I stay friends with her or not? I just don't know what to do! Or how should I explain to her I'm not comfortable with that? Any advice would be helpful


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  • It can't hurt to stay friends with her :) I understand the whole cross-dressing thing can be a bit odd and stuff, but you could clearly state to her that you want to be her friend, but you'd just rather not be the friend who goes around and hangs out with her when she is cross-dressing or anything of that sort because it isn't exactly your thing. She may take it the wrong way and be a bit iffy about it but she'll come round and will have to appreciate the fact that you were honest and are still there to be a good friend for her :D you just won't be there for one small aspect of her life :)


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