Modesty, Is it a thing of the past, or is it redefined?

Okay, I am going to touch on a bit of a "hot button" issue (to some people)... MODESTY!

Based upon what I am seeing, skirts are getting more and more shorter... People are getting more and more comfortable showing skin...

My opinion, (not to get all religious about the situation or even biased...) I think that people are completely disregarding their own modesty and are disrespecting themselves in the process. I practice Judaism, and according to Halakha (Jewish moral principles and laws), Both men and women are not to show skin above the shin (area above the ankle but below the knee... I only wear slacks...), can not show any chest (I never go outside without a shirt), and can not show any skin above the elbow. I follow these rules. If I see a woman that is wearing revealing clothing (I consider shorts to be revealing...), I avert my attention away, and if approached, I MAINTAIN eye contact. Nevertheless, I believe that not having some inhibitions or a decent level of modesty is a form of disrespect to oneself.

I was wondering, what are your opinions of this matter...?

Please remain respectful here.
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  • Dude. SO TRUE. I think its mainly girls though. They think guys will find them more attractive if they dress like sluts and whores. I don't know about anyone else on here, but I don't feel comfortable with my butt hanging out of my shorts or my chest falling out. I'm mormon, so I am raised to respect myself and it really bothers me when I go our and see what some people are wearing.

    • Yep, Halakha... Found both in Leviticus and Deuteronomy... LOL

      It's disturbing enough, but what can one say...

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    • That is very steriotypical Samoht...

      Utah is not the only place there are mormons...

      One of their Major temples are on Oahu Island in Hawaii... For example.

    • Thank you. The world is full of mormons.

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What Girls Said 6

  • I am a ballet dancer, which means that I am often required to be dancing in tights and a leotard or a sports bra and spandex shorts (I have no other option...loose clothing is strictly prohibited). Because of that, I am very comfortable with my body and am comfortable wearing clothing that one may not consider to be modest.

    I understand that many may believe that, due to my clothing, I am an undereducated, promiscuous individual; however, they are mistaken. I don't wear what I do for the purpose of seducing men and provoking jealousy in fellow young women; I wear what I wear to be comfortable. If some perceive my attire to be inappropriate, frankly, I don't care. I feel that, unless to an extreme, one should be judged upon his or her personality and not his or her attire.

    Yet, I do know that many younger women do choose to dress in a way that could be perceived as inappropriate for the purpose of looking "hot." While I do not agree that dressing promiscuously is the ideal way to snag a man, I can't fault people for dressing to accentuate their more attractive physical features.

    I feel that people should be more comfortable with their bodies as a whole; in most cases, there are only 2 anatomical choices one could have. It's not like what's hidden under our skirts or in our shirts is a secret. Why shouldn't we be comfortable showing skin? I think that the human body is a beautiful thing that doesn't need to be completely hidden.

    • I can respect that. Thank you for your candor.

      I won't judge one by their appearence on the basis you have eluded to. Nevertheless, I maintain a strong moral structure. If I were to be approached by a woman with that much skin exposed, I would not take her seriously. Not that I think of her as a skank or something, but the fact that in my opinion there is no self respect. Not saying that they may or may not respect themselves, just the point that gaining one's attention in that manner

    • raises questions of ones self respect. As I said, I haver strong views on morality. I have gained these views after seeing disdain in myself for past actions that I am no longer proud of.

      More or less, If I were a parent, and I were to have a daughter, I would forbid her foron such vocation and even being a cheerleader. It is against my beliefs. What she does whan she is an adult not being a resident of my care, is her decision alone.

    • I respect that. Yet, at least for me, showing skin is a way of demonstrating how I respect myself enough to love and be proud of the body given to me.

      I had an eating disorder earlier in life and, because of that, I would NEVER think of showing more skin than absolutely necessary or even think of wearing fitting clothing. Now, however, I have overcome my sickness and have realized that my body is beautiful, not disgusting. I now know that my body shouldn't be something loathed and hidden.

  • I don't like showing a lot of skin, and every once in a while (rare) I will wear a shortish skirt, but it's just in the summertime, I am very comfortable with my body, but I want people to love me for my awesome personality then my body ^_^

    oh, and by the way, I'm Atheist

    • Here is a test then:

      Avoid the short skirts and cover up more and see if you have the same response...

      I am not saying this as a way to get under your skin, or to berate you... It is meant so that you can have a control factor as to how you can gauge what others think of you. Just try it once. You will see how differently people will treat you.

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    • Inadvertantly you attract their attention...

    • I don't really go out much though in short skirts

  • i think you have to look at the context of where the person in question is. would you continue to wear what you normally would if you live at the equator?

    i think as long as the person doesn't look skanky it's fine

    • Yes... I don't care if it is 120 F... I will still wear denim boot cut jeans, and I will still wear shirts that the sleeve is below the elbow. No offense, but that is a very weak argument. I have seen women in the desert wearing full white bourqa in 120 F heat. In fact, I learned that if you wear a sheat over yourself as such, it is actually quite cooler than wearing exposing things... You avoid direct sun contact.

    • i think for women living in deserts, keeping out the sand is also very important, hence the full body concealment.

      in tropical regions, the sun isn't the only one making you feel the heat, it's the humidity. it can be extremely hot at night too.

  • I think it is being redefined. Personally, showing so much skin is not my style but I think the more common it becomes the less risque and exciting it gets.

  • I think that people have the right to their own bodies and what they do to them (including piercings, tattoos and clothes) is up to them. And I don't care how religious you are, no one has the right to tell you what you can and cannot wear. I think the slut-shamming of our culture is absolutely disgusting. Don't like it - simple, don't look.

    I come from an extremely religious family and even second ear piercings are frowned upon. But I don't care. I'm 19 years old and can alter my body in any way.

    I have a question for you. Do you believe that if a woman is wearing "revealling" clothing she has the right to be raped?

    • No, but swhe is not doing anything but to entice others desires to do so.

      <y point is this... In societies wherein there is a higher value of modesty, rape is not as common.

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    • I was going to block you, but I changed my mind... You don't know any better... First of all, YOU are the only person that brought up RAPE. I did not advocate nor have I brrought up anything pertaining to the subject. So before you curse and call people out, KNOW YOUR STANCE! Next, I said remain respectful... Did I call you out of your name? Did I tell you that you need to grow up? I remained respectful. You are tossing disrespect at me. I never said a woman ias to blame for her rape

    • At any moment. So for you to curse me, tell me to grow up... Honey, I have been on this stupid planet for 32 years... I am questioning intentions of others WITHOUT berating them. For you to do so SHOWAS WHO THE HELL IS INTOLERANT. I am tolerant of others' beliefs and moreover, this question was intended as a rhetorical question. If you don't like the subject, you did not have to answer. I still respect your view even though you LACK resopect of mine.

  • K the skin above the elbow thing sounds a bit over the top, so you have never worn a T-Shirt (not low cut or short waisted, just short sleeved) in your life? If not then well I really disagree with your morals -GirlwholovesherT-shirts!

    • Disagree all you want.

      I believe that ones body is for the viewing pleasure for oneself and ones spouse alone.

What Guys Said 3

  • Good question.

    I agree. Modesty is rare these days. Its a pity because I find it very attractive.

    • Indeed. I am repulsed by a woman that would blatantly show off cleavage.

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    • Exactly... But I am not fond of large bust though...

  • I think modesty has much more to do with your attitude than your clothing. If you live in a very hot area and you like to wear clothes that show more skin because it is more comfortable, it is still possible to carry yourself in a respectable manner. To me, being modest is about having enough confidence and respect for yourself that you don't need to constantly seek attention from others. The clothes you wear may be related to how modest you are, but it is not the defining factor. It is possible to carry yourself in an immodest way while wearing clothes that cover most of your body and it is possible to be modest while wearing something more revealing.

    • I have lived in a freaking desert where the temperature reached 120 in the summer... Those beouin women wear the same white bourqa even in that temperature and are just fine... I do not advocate bourqa, but just to counter your point. Carrying yourself and visual appearence are 2 different things... You can be the most professional behavioured person, buit if you dress as a bum, society would look at you as a bum. No argument, just think about it.

  • imo modesty does seem to be dying off :\ but oh well.


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