Girls with layered hair; how do you style it?

So my aunt cut my hair into layers the other day for a party and made it look SO nice for the night! She wet it, put mousse into it, and then brushed it with one of those rolling combs while blow drying it. However...when I do it, it doesn't come out as nice :/ Plus, I don't have the patience to do that EVERYDAY!

So, what are some ways I could make my layers stand out WHILE not making my hair look too puffy/thick/whatever? Like not TOO much volume. It seems that whenever I do her method, there is WAY too much volume in my hair. Like I want my hair to be straight/flat BUT I want my layers to be noticeable. I tried putting my hair into a bun at night to make it wavy in the morning and my hair DID come out wavy but it was really puffy and too much volume :/ I hope you guys know what I mean..


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  • I like to leave out my brush when I blow dry it. Ill just use my hands and run my hands through it instead of a brush.

    First I will use a protectant cream, and then maybe a root boost.

    Ill run my hands through it, flip my hair over and blow it to the side or upside down. It comes out all bed head like and really cute.


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  • do you have curly hair?

    for mine I put my curls in sections from top to bottom, mouse it, and twist them into pretty locks. Then I either let them dry of blow dry them myself. Maybe tease them a little.

  • I LOOOVE having layered hair! So easy to style! Straighten it! and whenever you curl it skip thetop layers!

  • blowdry it upside down. that's what I usually do.

    (My hair is straight. I have no idea if your's is too)


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