I seriously doubt whether or not I am attractive or just average looking.

sometimes I seriously doubt whether or not I am attractive or just average looking...

My mom tells me I am good looking and pretty, while my sister who is in high school tells me sometimes that I am ugly...

If you were in my position whose opinion would you trust? Your sister or your mother?
Im only asking this because I just feel particularly unconfident in myself today. I realized that I have absoluty NO male aquaintances, no close friends, no boyfriends, not approached a lot by men or flirted with, for my whole entire 22 years on this earth... And nobody outside my fakily or relatives have ever complimented me on my appearance. The only time guys flirted with me or complimented me was When I was 15 lbs lighter. I'm not overweight, but a bit more heavier than I used to be...


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  • I wouldn't trust either, because they both could be biased for different reasons. Your mom will never tell you you are not pretty whether you are the prettiest girl on earth or the ugliest. Your sister could just be teasing you or jelous, who knows. There is one way but I don't know if you are up to it. I am known for my blatant honesty, Any links to your pic and I will be happy to give you my opinion. (and if you wanna message me with the link, feel free, I promise I won't show anyone)...just an option.

    • I agree, neither will be completely honest.

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    • Also, I work in a restaurant as a counter girl, and I've heard stories of how guys often flirt with them and such... Well I haven't gotten any flirtatious remarks by men... Oh yeah there were two people who said I was attractive in my whole entire life... My therapist (male) and a really old male college professor

    • heh no worries, don't do anything if it doesn't make you feel comfortable but I will tell you what, natural beauty isn't everything. Maybe the fact that you don't feel pretty has affected your self-confidence and social skills. Take it as an oppurtunity to work on things such as having a great personality, a great body and just being a great person to be around. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

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  • thats a tough one. because you know yur mom is always going to be positive with you with that sort of thing. it could also be the case that yur sister is jealous of u...i wouldn't way a whole lot into those opinions. to tell you the honest truth, with this sort of thing, beauty is judged by attitude. if you don't really think yur all that attractive, its going to weigh into yur appearance. yet, if yur confident with yur looks, its going to be a totally different story. a lot of it is surprisingly mental.


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  • I don't know what difference it makes if your mother or sister finds you attractive, you aren't going to have a physical relationship with them, not to mention family can be biased. Every single person in this world has a completely different opinion, so there are going to be people out there who aren't attracted to you, people who think you are average looking, and people who think you are incredibly attractive. As such, I still fail to see why your family's point of view means anything to you in this respect. Let potential partners in your life make those decisions, not your family. I would ask or believe anyone in your family about something like that, no doubt they will just tell you what you want to hear anyway. Have confidence in yourself and then you won't care what anyone has to say about that.

  • dont listen to neither of them. you are pretty for your mom always, and your sister is in bad age and would be jealous of you. if you are pretty or not is not calculated by how many boys you have in your life. sometimes conditions are not good enough for a guy to come to u.

    sometimes you look so pretty to some1 but just average looking to the other.

    but if you think you would feel more confident if you lose some lbs, why you don't start it since today? even if you are not overweight. but the feeling of losing weight (which you think is the matter) would make you more confident and nothing more than a confident girl wouldn't attract guys(if this is your measure reference which is not right usually) but I'm sure you would feel better hun :)

    wish you great luck :)


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