Was I sexually assaulted?

I think I’ve been sexually abused by guys at my school. Guy A he would tease me all the time, and he would flirt with me and manipulate me into sending him pictures of myself, I was 14 and was 16. He’d stare at me a lot!! He would stalk me on Instagram and at school. He would grab my thigh after I tell him to stop he would continue. He manipulated me to kiss him and of course younger me did it and he groped me and I felt so bad afterwards, I felt soo disgusted in myself I was ashamed and after I rejected him, he got mad at me. Guy B is Guy’s A basketball teammate and he liked me from the first day of school, he would touch me sooo much. He would touch my face and rub my leg and I would tell him stop he wouldn’t stop. My teacher would notice it and tell him to stop and he would stare at me a lot. Guy C was also a basketball player him and I were in the same grade level when I first started school, he would call me sweetheart and honey. I remember playing basketball and he groped me, I was soo shocked and my best friend told me he would do the same to her. My best friend also got groped my drug dealers at my school and another friend of mine almost got raped. I don't know what to do.
Was I sexually assaulted?
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