Why do I have so much trouble flirting with girls?

I'm intelligent, nice, I try to be funny, I'm a gentleman, I think I'm fairly attractive, and I have so much trouble with women and I just turned 22. It's so bad that it is very rare that I get a girl interested in me. I really don't know what I am doing wrong? I am really lonely and tired of being alone. I just want to change in a way that will make it easier for me to meet someone. I always say the wrong things it seems...


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  • Maybe your just trying on the wrong kinda girl for you. Try befriending the girl first and don't come on to strong right away, most girls hate that. Being funny is not something everyone can do naturally, but what I've recommended to a lot of my friends is not to use pre-written jokes, but use your surroundings and subjects around you and use common sense comments about those things for expample: Kids playing in the tubey slide things at mac donalds, you say "Wouldn't it be funny if one of those kids starts running back to their parents screaming that their brother got stuck again in the tube?" it might sound harsh but at the right moment, it will make her laugh and laughter will make her at ease with you and give the impression that your a fun guy. Talk to her and get to know her likes and dislikes and just listen, don't hear her but listen to her, there is a difference.

    Befriending a girl can take up from 1 - 3 months, it seems long but it is what I call "safe time" that they will start to trust and like you more, before you can actually begin flirting.

    If you do flirt, don't become a jerk and jealous if she talks to someone else, be cool and introduce yourself with a smile. Yeah that also very important to always keep smiling like a beauty pageant girl, well not that extreme, but you see were I'm getting at.

    These are just some pointers I used when I was your age and still in the game.

    1 be funny

    2 be natural

    3 be patient

    4 smile


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  • Learn to flirt.

    Getting a girl won't make you less lonely.

    You just want free sex I know it sucks to pay but a hooker or strip club would solve your lonely problem.

  • You just have to keep being you. And eventually the girls will realize that you ARE what they need. And that's the way you'll find the one who's meant for you.


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  • Well 1st you need to take an inventory of yourself and make sure everything is in order. I mean personal hygene style etc. if unsure enlist the help of female friends.

    2nd work on your confidence level. Some excersise works wonders in this area. Besides making you look better to women and healthier it actually makes you happier.

    Girls like happy, fit guys.

    3. You have to be around girls you find attractive. Girls are attracted to guys they are regularly in the proximity of. That's how most relationships start. So you must be around girls you like.

    That might mean joining clubs, groups whatever.

    Finally, just be yourself. If you feel good abuut yourself and are around girs you like it will happen naturally.l


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