Did you know Sadness makes you look old?

@35 years old
People tend to confuse me for being 16ish. Not lying

People ask me "what do you do?" what to answer?
I don't do anything special. No facials no masks. No creams or night serums. Nothing.

I even sleep with my makeup on (doesn't mean that's good)
in March my "boyfriend" treated me like shit!
I became sad depressed for the first time in my life.

Cried every single night after march 7
Some days not even come out of my room.
crying all day & night.

2 weeks ago told myself i would not cry anymore.

3 days ago i looked in the mirror. I felt sad again.
As i looked in the mirror my face saddened, I noticed the muscles that move in the face, I quickly took off the sad face! 😐 then i did it again. I saw something!

These muscle on the forehead scrunch together! then it hit me!
I did this face every single night for HOURS until i would fall asleep.
I was making this face for almost a full year now!! we are almost in march again. :0

Where i never had any signs of aging at ALL!! the texture had changed!
I quickly smiled! :D and noticed the lines do not form when happy.

I will never make this ugly sad face again!!

I know we will all age regardless!!
but being 35 without any signs of it had been pretty awesome!

I can now answer to "What do you do?"
I WAS HAPPY!!! that's what I did!!

I can't remember a time i was sad prior to this event in my life!!

I was too happy!!
Didn't even understand how people could be depressed.

Fine lines come with laughter but for me those are not there yet. perhaps those come later.

I rather look nice than to be sad and ugly for some bastard.
yes breakups hurt, but we don't have to be SO sad for SO long.

I never thought this was important until i saw a difference.

perhaps if it was only couple of months, this wouldn't have happened but it's a full year now crying every day like a loser!!
No this is not me. Just a google image.
No this is not me. Just a google image.
Have a super nice day! :) Stay happy!! even in worst situations!
Did you know Sadness makes you look old?
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