When a girl tells you to not do something while smiling, should you really not do it?

OK so I just spent some time in a club last night and met this chick who I then brought to the bathroom to roll up a J, anyway she had mentioned just before how hot she thought I was so I decided since we're in here we might as well have more fun... and it seemed like she must have felt the same cause next thing I know she was talking about how she wish she could get out of her dress.. next she tells me how easy it is to undo the back and that she's not wearing a bra, so being quick to the point I undo her back in one move and pull down a strap of her dress... then she tells me she knew I'd do that and tells me not to and puts it back up, she says this playfully so I undo it again.. this happens about 4 times till I get bored and decide there must be something stopping her from doing whatever she wants with me cause by the end of the night we still hadn't even hooked up?... anyway I guess what I want to know really is once a girl knows she's attracted what do you want the man to do? and should I have pushed the bathroom interaction further? how?


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  • You should have done what you went in there to do first. Sends the message you do what you want when you want to. She was testing you to see if she could use her only asset to control you. She would've gone all the way if you grinned at her for saying that about her dress, lit up, took a couple hits, then offered it to her.


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