Ladies what do you think if you see a stereotypically handsome man?

Dating a plain looking or average looking woman? I've noticed women tend to be extremely dismissive or rude of women that they consider to be less attractive than them, even some women that claim to be feminist. It's very disgusting, judgmental and shallow behavior, in my opinion


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  • I think:

    he's gay & she knows

    he's gay & she doesn't know

    he's gay & he doesn't know

    he's gay & he knows but is in the closet

    he's cheating

    he's using her for money

    he's getting amazing sex

    he's asexual

    he has a low sex drive

    he's doing the ugly girl thing

    getting a plain or ugly girl because they are more loyal

    it's biology men treat their partners better if the girl is more attractive than them if she's equal

    or less attractive they treat her worse than they would if she was prettier

    the whole ugly wife thing is that with a girl like her she'll put up with more sh*t & do more to

    keep you.

    he's that 1 in a million guy who appreciates (likes) not admire (value) beauty

    Side note:

    Men and women are dismissive of less attractive women because a woman's value is her looks.

    Girls can deny this but men approach based on attraction, men go after hot chicks & go after the good/plain/nice girls after they're done or couldn't get with a hot chick.

    • Well sometimes the people in question have been together for a long time, like dating since before high school because they went through something very terrible together

    • Yeah the he liked her when he was an ugly duckling thing

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  • I admit I think to myself that I could probably take her boyfriend if I wanted and assume the relationship isn't "real". I would think there is no way he is with her for valid/genuine reasons I agree with udolipixie all of those answers make sense to me.

  • I think: good for her! and she must be sweet and have a good character.

  • i'd think nothing of it. people should date whoever they want to date.

  • well it's known that men don't like to be in a relationship with women who are very attractive that they prefer to settle down and be with average and less than average women, so I wouldn't think anything of it.

    • Well that's kind of true, a lot of good looking women are sluts that have cheated or had casual sex and really aren't marriage material.

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    • Yeah it is, statistically speaking most human beings are garbage.

    • well then don't make it sound like only attractive women cheat it isn't the case. my best friend is gorgeous as heck! awesome body, nice boobs, nice butt, cute face, funny as heck etc etc and she has never cheated on her boyfriend. now another friend of mine, who is over 300 lbs, bad skin, very crooked teeth, not too good looking at pregnant, said it was her husband's and when it came out it was black. see, even ugly girls cheat!

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  • Women have been programmed to think that guys are ONLY after looks, yes looks are important, but no amount of looks is going to make up for a horrible attitude. Maybe to some old guys that just want to perv on some hot chicks, but not to any guy that has any choice with women, especially for a long term relationship.


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