I'm thinking about cutting my hair any ideas on how to cut it?

I'm thinking about cutting my hair any ideas on how to cut it?


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  • if you have:

    -Heart shaped face

    Wide at the forehead and cheekbones, narrow at the jawline.

    Ask for soft layers to soften your chin area - keep the layers cut as close to your jaw line as possible so that they can fall on to your face

    -Round shaped face

    Circular shaped. Length is approx equal to width.

    The golden rule to remember is that round faces need a style that has longer pieces that fall onto your face to lengthen your cheeks - making them look slimmer and your

    -Oval shaped face

    Curvilinear shape. Length is equal to one and a half times width, with forehead and jaw the same width

    If you have long, thick, curly hair, ask your hairdresser to cut it so the curls are looser, to take the thickness out. Then sweep the top part back for a soft, flirty romantic look. Hair not so long? A short, messy style is ideal

    -Long shaped face

    Face is longer than it is wide with a long straight cheek line.

    Go shorter so hair looks thicker and your face looks wider. A cut that's unstructured, which you can wear messy, is a time saver.

    -Square shaped face

    Strong and broad forehead with angular jaw.

    A long poker-straight cut is absolutely perfect and so flattering for a wide jaw

  • If you have flat hair get short layers, and if you have volumized hair get long layers. And get side swept bangs!


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