Acne will not leave me?

It is actually DAMN sad for me. I've been suffering from acne problem since 15 years. I have tried a NUMBER of treatments (both with creams, gels, tablets - roaccutane, and similar). Roaccutane which I used in 2015-2016 helped to slow down acne and improve, but left residuals like big wrinkles, deep scars, lines on my face. I have done several laser treatments, subcision, etc.. No improvement at all. I have probably spent more than £50K on all treatments, creams, etc in the past 15 years. Results? A big nothing.
Anyway, the problem is, my acne is coming back since 6-8 months, and no matter how I eat. I am an athletic guy, eating really healthy, avoiding dairy products and sugar stuff, but I still get acne. And yes, I do wash and take care of my face!
Any suggestions are highly welcome.
Acne will not leave me?
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