What do girls like guys to wear?

More specifically what looks good on a blond haired blue eyed guy like me? I have never had a sense of style and have never had any idea what girls like guys to wear. Thanks!


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  • Dear Ich777ich,

    Just wear what you like and makes you feel comfortable, I have never seen a really bad sense of style before, and I never really pay much attention to a guys style..So.. What do girls like guys to wear?..Clothes :D


    IMAQT xx

    • Thanks for your honesty lol I'm just nervous when it comes to girls. It makes me feel more comfortable to know that they don't care aboutthat as much as I at first thought.

    • Thanks :D

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  • A nice pair of well fitted jeans and a nice plain tight top. Or if they have their own unique style then I love it! Hmm... so whatever feels comfortable. I also love it when guys wear soft tops, it gives a reason to a girls to feel them up! :P

  • Visit H and M and talk to more gay guys then you'll have a sense of style. : )

    • So straight guys can't have a sense of style... didn't know that.

    • lmao noooo straight guys do but gay guys have impeccable taste we all can agree on that. I would say if you're really looking to gain some swag in the clothing area gay guys are your go to people.

  • dresses, skirts, and panties. LOL.


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