New fashion style.. advice please?

Currently I am a guy who dresses normal.. for the most part...

let me start by defining me...

i am overweight but not huge.

I weigh about 220 and I am 5 foot 11 almost 6.

i dress with the usual jeans and a t shirt but I want to change it up a little.

i have horrible eye sight so I have glasses.. they are thick framed black ray bans.

frankly.. I want to start a new style for myself... I have always been fascinated by hats... not baseball hats but like fedoras or the "Fancier hats"

ill be updating my profile in about 2 minutes with a picture of me..

please.. just want some advice.


thank you!
pictures on my profile



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  • I think you might look good in a porkpie hat. It's kind of like a fedora but with a flatter top - link

    I might also suggest adding some color to your wardrobe. I realize that you only have three pics up, but your outfits look a little dull and drab in my opinion. I'd try some bolder colors. They catch the eye and project confidence. Don't over do it though. Go either solid or with simple patterns. Avoid outfits that look busy. Also, learn how different patterns and cuts affect your look and use them to emphasize your better features, i.e. vertical stripes are slimming, V necks broaden the shoulders and trim the waist, etc.

    Although I personally like to keep my outfits fairly simple, don't be afraid to layer. Again, you don't want your outfits to send people into sensory overload, but adding a light jacket or a vest from time to time can really sharpen up an outfit.

    One last thing I might suggest is just going to few stores and trying on different outfits. Even if you don't buy anything, you might get some ideas.

    • i shall try some of this out

      thanks for the ideas.

      i might go shopping tonight

    • Hope it helps.

    • i am sure it will :)

      im thinking of going right after work :)

      ganna see if I can find a friend to tag along to get a 2nd opinion which should help also.. don't you think?

      or does it matter? hahahaha

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