Does acne really matter?

I've been dating this guy for a few months now and I guess he reached that level where he feels he can be completely honest with me.

We were having lunch yesterday and while we were in the middle of eating, he stares at me intently for about 5 seconds (it was quite long). and it was actually staring, not looking. and he says pointing to his own forehead, "you have acne", then goes back to eating.

what the f***?! is it just me or was that beyond rude? I mean, I don't point out his flaws. I could, but I'm polite and I don't because physical appearance doesn't matter to me and personality does. but it really threw me off that he would be so rude. and it made me feel really ugly and unattractive.

and as a side remark, he never tells me I look good, but always criticizes how much I paid for my outfit. I try so hard to look put together for dates, and ladies you know what I mean. the outfit, shoes, makeup, hair, accessories, it's a lot of work and he doesn't appreciate any of it. it's not that he doesn't say I look nice, but he would actually make me tell him the price of everything I'm wearing and lecture me on it. what the hell is that about?

PS I feel the need to point out my skin is not bad or covered in acne. but I do get the occasional pimple or two.

so does a pimple really matter to you guys?


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  • No, it doesn't matter that much.

    For the record, I don't think it matters to this guy either, from the way you describe him.

    He's just not that sensitive of a guy. He probably doesn't know when he's saying things that might offend or hurt other people's feelings.

    And from the sound of it, he'd be fine if you wore cheap clothes around him, or didn't bother with make-up, etc.

    • that's very true. I've noticed that from other comments he has made. I don't know if he's just making observations he's seeing, or if he really is that rude and inconsiderate of a person

    • Unless he's a total jerk, I would assume he's just making observations. I would hope!

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  • Not to me it doesn't. Even much older people get zits sometimes and yes it was very rude of him to tell you that you had a zit. He doesn't seems to be too adept to being with girls and how to treat them. He must be a virgin. You need to stop seeing him and find a guy who appreciates you.

    • I don't think a guy needs to be around a lot of girls before he realizes what's OK to say and what's not. basic politeness should be ingrained in people

    • No, you're wrong. Yes, I agree 100%, in an ideal family where the mother trains her children etiquette and how to be polite to people, a guy would ALMOST know how to treat a girl. However, he is part of the 'millennium generation' who grow up playing video games and develop NO social skills and the parents are ABSENT in the lives of the kids. Your generation does not speak to each other but uses texting, for Pete's sake, as the main mode of communicating with the opposite gender.

    • Your generation doesn't know how to pick up a telephone and actually SPEAK to their girlfriend or boyfriend. So the typical young guy thinks it's acceptable to tell his girlfriend, 'ah, you've got zit!' at the dinner table. After he loses a couple of girlfriends, THEN he'll realize NOT to say that kind of sh*t to a girl he likes.

  • Nope. You better take notes of this experience, because you will be getting a lot of it from your future husband.


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  • WOW! That was rude! I think I would probably have gotten so upset and told him that if he was going to be that picky then he should find another girl that is flawless and then GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! You honestly should ask him though. If he says ti again then ask him if that bothers him and if he is rude about it then don't be with him. You DON"T want to put up with that the rest of your life.

    • haha good idea. I might just say that next time

  • Find someone who will appreciate how much effort you put into looking good for them, however, you shouldn't only want to look good for men, you should do it because it makes you feel good and confident and because you want to.

    I've had acne and if someone had pointed it out I would have felt embarrassed and been a little hurt. There's no way in hell that even a guy cannot tell a rude comment from a thoughtless comment.

    • oh man, you've got a weak personality. I really can't imagine you in the reality workforce because the things people say might drive you to kill yourself. haha

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    • i do wear it for myself as well because dressing up does make me feel more confident and better about myself, but it would be nice if he acknowledged it for once instead of always criticizing.

    • hahaha its what it is.

  • That was really inconsiderate of him. The fact that he never compliments your looks and only criticizes would be a deal breaker for me. You should move on and find someone who will be more accepting and appreciative.

    • ugh I know. I've put up with it but it's really getting tiring

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