What are girls looking for in a guy?

I always wondered what do girls really want in a guy. Also, I wonder if girls find me attractive. I am 6 foot 3 inches and I have thick dark wavy hair. I am pretty skinny compared to my height around 160 pounds. I have hazel eyes.


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  • Haha you sound exactly like the guy I like! :D

    1) Personality-sense of humor, exc.

    2) Looks

    3) How they treat others

    Im not really concerned about height, hair color, or eye color. But I would rather the guy be taller than me.

    But I do tend to really like funny guys.

    But I don't like cocky guys that think theyre all that, and think that they're better than everyone else. (confidence is different than cockiness)

    • but I also like guys who can be serious at moments not just goofy all the time. I also like athletic guys, but that part really isn't that important. sorry I forgot to add those:)

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    • I am a flirty guy, but I am most of the time too afraid to ask girls out, but the couple of times I have I've been shot down. (I got a date to prom though with a smoking hot girl, but then she didn't want to have anything to do with me after prom)

    • well eventually you'll find a good girl who will want to date you:)

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  • First of all, the stats you just mentioned really don't tell a person anything so no one can judge. On top of that, everyone has different tastes, so some girls will appreciate your look more than others. I don't think women are as concerned with the physical as men tend to be in reverse. Women go for heart, personality, humor, confidence, assertiveness, and a fun-loving genuine person.

  • It varies.. All girls are different. But I won't deny I like smart, sweet guys, And I love when they take the time for me.. Their personalty is a big factor..

  • I like guys who have a nice sense of humor that I can joke around with, but a guy who can also be serious when it's needed.


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